Abel-Sculpture - France-Sculpture and Art Design - Design figurativ projects personalized on demand for decoration, clay, rezin, aluminium.

creation that brings me to cameroon

2021, I have a special demand for a piece of art to honor the village chief. With only one old picture qualité, and th personnal informations, I wanted to represent the humanist side of the character, by choosing an attentive posture, listening to others.
Touching, through my art, what makes us human is the most important thing for me.

Interview on DECIBEL radio

DECIBEL rentontres  listen the radio, in french,of course!!

Spring selection Abel's drawing

 Abel's drawings selection spring 2020  format video mp4 

ou PDF :  ABEL selection printemps 2020 au format pdf

Every piece begin with drawing. See drawings

Parcours d'artistes de Beloeil on TV

June 2015, 80 artists Beleil, Belgium To see the tv presentation by Notele.be notele.be/list13-le-jt-a-la-carte-media37066-parcours-d-artistes.html


Marka magazine Russie/ Madame FIGARO magazine France/ Kitchen & Baths design USA/Arts&Déco Nord France/Visite Déco France/Nord Eclair / La Voix du Nord/Fémina.

Becoming sculptor

A childhood in France between nature and Art classes.A general experiment to find different forms of poetic writings, to escape, transform and create. At 12, the artist discover another type of creation, with new materials and colours for clothes fashion.Then learning for career in communication and working as an art-director and a web engineer.Travelling to Florence, Budapest and New-York and discovering the human wealth’s and Art.And finding the clay back and all the material which can form and create.Experiencing different passions with other creators in metal, fire, stone…to create with love generous things…and find natural forms just for pleasure and generosity.

Easy and healthy

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